Partner Portal

What can the Partner Portal do for you?

The Collector Bank Partner Portal allows you as a merchant to both add and administer invoices, fetch settlement files and view reports. All new merchants will have access to the portal; the only thing you need is a username and a password, which will be given to you when going live with the Collector solution.

The Partner Portal can be used in several ways. If you have integrated Collector's invoice solution using our API or a module, the Partner Portal can be used as a complement to view and adjust invoices. However, the Partner Portal itself reflects the API functions available, meaning it can be used as a fully-working integration type where invoice purchases can be made, activated, adjusted and credited (to name a few).

So, depending on your requirements and order volume, the Partner Portal can be used in accordance to your needs. If you're unsure on which setup to use, have a look at our integration packages suggestions.

Partner Portal Access

The Partner Portal is available in both the test and production environment, and you'll find them here: