Hello future or existing partner!

Our goal is that this site will contain all necessary information and answer any of your questions while implementing and using any of our services, but you can always contact us by emailing or calling on +46(0)10 - 161 01 99. We’re happy to help!

First things first – you’ll need an agreement to use our services. How to get one? Just contact one of our sales executives who will help you out.

If you already have an agreement and want to get started with the integration, head on over to the Integration section to read more on how to get going with the implementation. This section features technical documentation for Collector Checkout (B2C & B2B) and for our Standard invoice solution for B2C and B2B.

”Wait a minute, what do you actually do?"

It all depends on why you're here and what you need. Have a look below and hopefully this will answer your question.

Invoice handling service

In short, this service takes care of the less funny part of your business – the invoice handling. You only need to tell us what you’ve sold and we will create and send the invoices to your customers. Also, instead of waiting for your customers to pay the invoice, Collector will pay you in advance, up to every working day. This way you don't have to worry about not getting paid, and can focus on what you do best.

Collector Bank's Standard Invoice API features everything needed to create a complete invoice flow; not only creating and sending invoices when you’ve sold something, but also to fetch addresses, change the invoices, cancel them if necessary and of course - activating them when shipping the goods. Take a look in the Integration menu to find all functionality the service offers. We have a lot of different functions in our services and we’re sure that they will fit your need.

If you're not into creating the service from scratch, head to the site for pre-integrated modules site for the Standard invoice solution.

Collector Checkout

Collectors very own Checkout solution. Since you're here, you probably already know what a checkout is. We may not be the first company offering a checkout solution, but we've added a couple of treats. Make sure to check-them-out in the Checkout section.

Btw, did we mention that we work with both consumers and companies? We also have many pre-integrated modules you can just plug & play. 

Still not sure? Maybe this will convince you