About Mondido: 

The Collector Mondido module is an easy way to quickly get started with Collector's invoice sollution option.

Versions supported:

To register your interest in the module, please go to

How to install module:
Once contact has been made using the link above and an agreement has been made, Collector and Mondido will contact you with further information regarding the setup.

End customer types supported:

  • Consumer (B2C)
  • Company (B2B)

Collector products available:

  • B2B: Invoice
  • B2C: Invoice/PartPayment




Countries Supported
GetAddress (SE only)
Activate Invoice
Part Activate Invoice
Full Returns
Part Returns
Discounts after activation
Cancel Pending Invoices
Change Pending Invoices
Extend due date
View invoice in backend
Resend invoice by e-mail

 = Supported
- = Not supported