You can now receive your Settlements in Fortnox
In collaboration with IT Integration AB, we have created an Add-on that handles the reporting of invoices sold via Collector Bank. Invoices are created in your web shop; Collector sends payment verifications straight to Fortnox, which are then matched to corresponding invoices. The current version supports a manual and an automatic method (described below).

Manual self-service method
If you prefer a manual file handling process, then this is the solution for you.
You will gain access to IT Integration’s portal, where you can select the relevant files and manually load these at your convenience. This enables you to add an extra control step to order follow ups, if necessary.

Automatic method
If you opt for the automatic method, files are automatically loaded into Fortnox without any manual handling. 

To get started, just provide the following information to Collector

  1. Company Name and Registration Number
  2. Desired method – Manual or Automatic
  3. API-code
  4. The Fortnox Bank account(s) (for each country where sales are made via Collector)
    • Fortnox Bank Account
    • Fortnox Revenue Account
    • Fortnox Cost Account (dedicated to Collector’s fees)
    • Fortnox VAT Account (outgoing VAT for Collector’s fees)

Collector Bank, together with IT Integration, will set everything up as applicable, and get back to you.