Checkout Finland


About Checkout Finland: 
Checkout is a Finnish payment platform that provide a simple web shop checkout stage for thousands of merchants and their end customers. Checkout offer a wide range of payment methods, including Collector's invoicing solution.

Version supported:


How to install module:
Contact Checkout customer service at
An agreement with Checkout is needed.

End customer types supported:

  • Consumer (B2C)
  • Company (B2B)

Collector products available:

  • B2C: Account
  • B2B: Invoice




Countries Supported
GetAdress (SE only)
Activate Invoice
Part Activate Invoice
Full Returns
Part Returns
Discounts after activation
Cancel Pending Invoices
Change Pending Invoices - 

✔ = Supported
- = Not supported

*The order information is sent in aggregated form and not as separate order rows. Checkout Finland therefore uses the Adjustment (discount) functionality to make part returns.