As you can see below, there's quite a large selection of modules our invoice handling service is integrated into. Please have a look and hopefully one of them will fit your needs!

Most of our pre-integrated modules are available for both B2C and B2B and in all countries, but instead of you going through them all, we've summarized it for your convenience.

Module name

Customer type

Available countries

AceShop  B2C/B2B       
Commerce:SEO  B2C/B2B       
Gambio  B2C/B2B       
Drupal Commerce  B2C/B2B       
Enterpay  B2B  
Extenda POS  B2C/B2B   
Jetshop  B2C/B2B       
Jigoshop  B2C/B2B       
JTL  B2C/B2B       
Magento  B2C/B2B       
Mijoshop  B2C/B2B       
Mondido  B2C/B2B     
Nethit  B2C
OpenCart  B2C/B2B       
Oxid E Sales  B2C/B2B       
Prestashop  B2C/B2B       
SEO: Mercari shop  B2C/B2B       
Shopware  B2C/B2B       
Sweetpay  B2C
WooCommerce  B2C/B2B       
xt:Commerce  B2C/B2B       
Wordpress eCommerce  B2C/B2B       
Xtc Modified-shop  B2C/B2B