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A strategic e-commerce partner, passionate about your success.

Storm Commerce offers Collector Checkout as an integrated part of their headless platform. Storm Commerce is the next generation e-commerce platform and enables B2C and B2B companies to create and maintain a large range of products, apply advanced business logic and manage transaction volumes with a high level of automation.

Storm Commerce is a SaaS-based and headless commerce platform, built to take control and bring content and commerce together, to create the best harmonized shopping experience across all channels and touchpoints. Headless eCommerce gives you the flexibility to add on new services, apps and backend systems thanks to its API-first architecture. This is how you can move at the speed of the customer and this is how you create compelling customer experiences of today.

Versions supported

The Collector adapter is integrated in the Storm Platform

How to install module

The adapter can be directly configured within Storm. All necessary settings can be found under the menu Shopping->Payment Methods. For more information please visit:


Customer types supported

Customer type

Available countries

   Finland Denmark Germany

Collector products availabe

Customer type

Available products

  • Invoice
  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Part payment
  • Card payment
  • Direct Bank payment 
  • Invoice
  • Card payment
  • Part payment (SE only)

Platform Functionality

This list reflects the support integrated into the platform's admin interface.

Full returns
Part returns -
Discounts after activation -
Cancel pending invoices
Change pending invoices -
Extend due date -
View invoice in backend -
Resend invoice by e-mail -