E37 delivers an Ecommerce platform with everything from design, consulting, integration, cloud operations and tools to modern, digital marketing. An affordable overall solution that you can easily upgrade and grow with.

Thanks to all the integrations, you have complete freedom to grow with the solution. Within our Smart Ecommerce concept, each module in the platform has been developed to specifically help e-merchants achieve increased sales, better conversion and higher profitability. E37 is a modern and proven platform that provides scalability and stability.

Versions supported:

The Collector adapter is integrated in the E37´s platform, by our development team.

How to install module:

Contact us at info@e37.se or 08-587 667 90.


Customer types supported

Customer type

Available countries

   Finland Denmark Germany
   Finland Denmark 

Collector products availabe

Customer type

Available products

  • Invoice
  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Part payment
  • Card payment
  • Direct Bank payment 
  •  Invoice
  • Card payment
  • Part payment

Platform Functionality

This list reflects the support integrated into the platform's admin interface.

PartActivateInvoice -
Full returns
Part returns -
Discounts after activation -
Cancel pending invoices
Change pending invoices -
Extend due date -
View invoice in backend -
Resend invoice by e-mail -