About Magento

The Collector Magento module is an easy way to quickly get started with either Collector's cutting edge Checkout Solution, or invoice solution on your current Magento platform.

Versions supported
  • Magento CE 1.6.0 and newer
  • Magento CE 2.1.0 and newer
  • Magento EE 1.10 and newer
  • Magento EE 2.1 and newer
  • Magento EE 2.2 and newer

Please note
The module is not naturally compatible with other third party modules that modify the checkout such as shipping modules, tracking modules and other checkout solutions. If you have questions regarding customization please contact us at merchant@collectorbank.se 

How to install module

Once contact has been made and an agreement is in place, you can download the module. Each module contains installation instructions for their respective platform. Download module here. For testsite, see below.

Test Environment

Test Persons


Customer types supported

Customer type

Available countries

   Finland Denmark Germany

Collector products availabe

Customer type

Available products

  • Invoice
  • Account 
  • Campaign 
  • Part payment 
  • Card payment 
  • Direct Bank payment 
  • Invoice 
  • Part payment 
  • Card payment 

Platform Functionality

This list reflects the support integrated into the platform's admin interface.

Full returns
Part returns
Discounts after activation -
Cancel pending invoices
Change pending invoices -
Extend due date
View invoice in backend
Resend invoice by e-mail