Collector Bank's logo should be used in your checkout together with the payment options. You can also use it on your information page or for marketing materials. 

Our most used logo is found here: 

Black & Grey JPG - 1362x140 px
Black & Grey JPG - 640x65 px
Black & Grey JPG - 320x33 px

If your background is dark, then you should use one of these:

Black & white text, 1 row PNG - 640x65 px
Black & white text, 2 rows PNG - 842x323 px

They must be 13 px or taller and you can't place the logotype on images that makes it unreadable. The version with two rows should be used when the space is limited and one row would look too small.  

If the above logos doesn't fit your needs, you can also use one of the following:

Please note that it's not allowed to make them smaller than 38 x 24 pixels, but it's OK to enlarge them using the .EPS files.