Code examples

To give you a head start, we've gathered some code examples for the different requests and responses. Hopefully they will help you get going and save some development time. 

Depending on the customer type (B2C or B2B), some requests' content differ. You can find out which ones by looking at the Customer type column. The code examples that differ have two links instead of just one, be sure to download the correct one!

XML examples

To download the file, right click on the link and choose "Save link as..."

FunctionCustomer typeMore info under
GetAddress B2C Creating invoices
AddInvoice B2C / B2B Creating invoices
ActivateInvoice B2C & B2B Invoice administration
PartActivateInvoice B2C & B2B Invoice administration
CancelInvoice B2C & B2B Invoice administration
ReplaceInvoice B2C & B2B Invoice administration
SendInvoice B2C & B2B Invoice administration
ExtendDueDate B2C & B2B Invoice administration
CreditInvoice B2C & B2B Returns & adjustments
PartCreditInvoice B2C & B2B Returns & adjustments
AdjustInvoice B2C & B2B Returns & adjustments
SetReservation B2C / B2B Reservations
GetReservation B2C & B2B Reservations
CancelReservation B2C & B2B Reservations
GetAccounts B2C & B2B Account information
GetAccountTransactions B2C & B2B Account information
GetCurrentInvoice B2C & B2B Account information