Since this section of the integration portal contains miscellaneous information, we found no better name for it than MISC. 

Have a look at the menu to the left, you'll find information on the specific subjects:

  • Webservice information - Standards, endpoints, credentials and other requirements
  • Settlement - File type, name specifications and general information are found here so you can clearly see which transactions the settlement includes
  • Logo - Collector's logos to be used on your site
  • Code examples - To give you a head start, we have some examples of our requests already set up so you quickly can get started
  • Integration packages - Recommended setups based on your ambition, time and development resources
  • Checklist - To make sure you're implementation is correctly done we have created a checklist you can use

 The flowchart below describes the frontend and backend journey of an invoice, with the different possible steps and actions included.