The SendInvoice function does two things:

  • Creates an updated invoice if any returns or adjustments have been made
  • Sends the invoice to the customer

This can be used to make sure the end customer is notified of any changes made, like a return of their article or an adjustment of the price.

If no changes have been made, the invoice will just be sent again, using the delivery method set in the request (mail or e-mail).

Note that this functionality is only available for the products Invoice and Direct Invoice

This method is available in the following countries:  
Input Parameters:

Field nillable Max Type Description
Username false 50 string The username used to authorize the request.
Password false 50 string The password used to authorize the request.
StoreId true 4 short The StoreId used for identification of store.
CorrelationId true 50 string CorrelationID is sent back in the response.
CountryCode false 2 string The country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) for the country.
InvoiceNo false 50 string The InvoiceNo previously returned in AddInvoice.
InvoiceDeliveryMethod false - int

The way to notify the end customer.
1 =  regular post
2 = e-mail

Email true 260 string The e-mail address to the end customer.


Output Parameters:

Field nillable Max Type Description
CorrelationId true 50 string CorrelationId from the request if any.
AvailableReservationAmount true 6,2 decimal The current available reservation amount. If no credit reservation is done, 0 will be returned.
NewInvoiceNo true 50 string  
PaymentReference false 50 string The Reference that should be as a reference on an invoice.
LowestAmountToPay false 6,2 decimal The lowest amount to pay on the invoice.
TotalAmount false 6,2 decimal The total amount to pay for the invoice.
DueDate true   datetime The due date of the invoice.
InvoiceUrl true 200 string The url to invoice in pdf format.