General Information

Here you’ll find some good-to-know general information such as a parameter dictionary, error codes and some other stuff as well. We do recommend that you read through it thoroughly since it will definitely help you during your coming implementation.

Overview and details

Don't forget to head over to the Webservice information section where you'll find a bit more service specific information such as end-points and a description of all available functions in the webservices. 

General for almost all requests is that an invoice number (InvoiceNo) is needed to handle the request. The invoice number is generated by Collector in the AddInvoice method and is returned in the response. This invoice number needs to be stored (together with your order) for further request of that invoice. 


We do have a few parameters we recommend you should have available to configure in the settings page in your shop:

Parameter name: AllowedZones
A list of comma separated values (“ISO 3166-1 alpha-2” codes) that control for which country the payment method will be displayed

Parameter name: DebugMode
Values: Boolean
Description: Controls where debug messages should be logged or not

Parameter name: EnableModule
Values: Boolean
Description: Controls whether the payment option is available or not

Parameter name: InvoiceFee_COUNTRYCODE
Values: Currency
Description: The gross amount of the fee a customer will be charged for choosing the payment method. This parameter is optional and can be set or “0”. This parameter should be configurable per country

Parameter name: LogFile
Values: Path
Description: The path and name of the log file

Parameter name: MinCartValue_COUNTRYCODE
Values: Currency
Description: The lower threshold that controls what minimum cart value has to be reached to display the payment option. This parameter should be configurable per country

Parameter name: MaxCartValue_COUNTRYCODE
Values: Currency
Description: The upper threshold that controls what maximum cart value has to be reached to hide the payment option. Not hiding the payment option can decrease customer satisfaction due to requests that will always be denied. This parameter should be configurable per country

Parameter name: StoreID
Values: Numeric
Description: The API StoreID is only used for partner with several stores

Parameter name: AgreementCode
Values: String
Description: The agreement code will be used in the URLs for our customized legal documents

Parameter name: Username
Values: String
Description: The API username

Parameter name: Password
Values: String
Description: The API password