Technical information

For dedicated technical information on how to implement and render Collector Checkout, visit:

Integrating with Collector Checkout

This part of the site contains information on how the Checkout is rendered with supporting flow charts and example codes.


How to manage purchases

We're talking about activations, adjustments and returns. No matter which payment method was used when the purchase was made, the checkout generates an AddInvoice request. However, the steps that follow (delivery/activation, returns/credits etc) also need to be taken into consideration. There's two ways of doing this: 

  • Through API requests
  • Through the Partner Portal

What you choose depends on your needs. Through API requests, all the administration can be done automatically without any manual input. If using the Partner Portal, you will need to manually administer the purchases. 

Our suggestion is that you go for the API requests if you're shipping a lot of orders to minimize manual administration. Keep in mind that this will include development time on your end. Therefore, if your volume is a bit lower, you could probably go with the Partner Portal, at least to start off with. 

You can find details on the API requests under the Integration sections labelled "Standard Solution".