Collector Insights

What is Collector Insights? 

Simply speaking, it's a tool to help you analyze your customers and to develop your business. 

It gives you deeper insight into your customers' preferences, buying habits and behavior, enabling you to develop your business and create tailored offerings. By allowing your e-commerce platform to become a channel for relationship building, you can create more loyal customers and higher profitability. 

With the different views, you're able to see detailed information on your customers and you can easily navigate and filter on geography, demography, revenue, sales and purchase data and produce analyzes that show, among other things: 

  • Sales forecasts
  • Customer value
  • Market basket analysis - rules describing common buying habits and which articles are often purchased together
  • Which customers not having purchased anything in a period of time, and how you can contact them
  • Assumptions on how different customer segment will respond to an offer

Best of all - Collector Insights is a free service when using the Collector Checkout product. 

Not convinced yet? Have a look at the images below or contact us

Collector Insights - Sales

Collector Insights - Customer information

Collector Insights - Customer map

Collector Insights - Payment options