The Collector Checkout is a user-friendly payment solution, both for you as a merchant but also for the most important part, the end customer. With the included tool Collector Insights, you can get to know your customers better, create customized deals and increase your profitability. 

Why Collector Checkout is unique

All necessary payment options are collected into one integration, meaning it'll be very easy for you to implement it. Unlike other similar checkout solutions, you as a merchant can deicide whether or not an invoice fee should be added. And it doesn't end there - the invoice fee will belong to you. 

Updates and optimizations of the checkout is handled solely by Collector Bank, so you don't have to care about it. 

A new way of direct bank transfer

When paying by direct bank transfer, the end customer will stay on your site instead of being redirected to their bank's site. This increases the user-friendliness and reduces the risk of canceled purchases. 

Get to know your customers with Collector Insights

Our new service Collector Insights is a tool to easily help you analyze your customer base. In a smooth way, you can get more insight about your customers as well as tools for analyzing data to develop your business and provide better customized offers. 

Our ambition is that our payment solutions should always be flexible and have a strong customer focus. Collector Checkout combined with the Collector Insight will give more loyal end customers and higher profits for you as a merchant.

Have a look in the menu and we'll tell you more about Collector Insights!

More information

For even more information, visit the Collector Checkout page on

Here's what's included:

Collector Insights
30 due days on the invoice 
Part payment
All purchases can be collected on one invoice instead of several
Campaign - buy now, pay later
Credit card payment
Direct bank transfer payment
Any invoice fee goes to the merchant
Continuous updates and optimizations of the system
The end customer choses the payment method
No fixed fees
Daily settlements